Skill Development and Support

Babies automatically hold their breath. This is a newborn survival reflex. 

  • If swimming is introduced before this reflex has been lost it is easier to teach submersion from day 1. After a child loses this reflex, we explain to them if they hum under the water they will have bubbles come out of their nose & they will not have water go up their nose. This makes it easy for a child to understand breathing control. We want them to breathe out so when they learn freestyle they develop a breathing cycle.

At Puddle Ducks, we don’t teach dog paddle, if you swim with your head up you sink. This is the basic science of properties of water. We focus on submersion with correct head position.

Children learn from their parents reactions. 

  • You smile at your baby & they will smile back. With this in mind at any age, when your child submerges or is mastering a new skill, smile and encourage them, the skill is then positively reinforced.
  • If you grab a towel, frantically dab their eyes, nose or show panic they will catch on, activate their fight or flight reflex & make it more