Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Pricing

How do I register for lessons?
You can fill out our online registration form, register over the phone on 1300 725 355 or you can register directly in the academy.

Registration fee is $60 which includes:
  • a swim bag
  • towel
  • swim cap
  • goggles
When can I enrol for lessons?
Anytime! Our lessons are perpetual based and not term based. We believe that a consistent year-round approach to swimming is necessary for children to learn how to swim and be safe in the water.
How much do lessons cost?
Depending on the level your child swims dictates the cost of the lesson.

Infants (4 - 6 months) = FREE
Water Bubs (6:1) = $12 (20 mins)
Water Tots (6:1) = $12 (20 mins)
Water Stars (4:1) = $12 (20 mins)

Beginner Lessons (1:1) = $29 (20 mins)
Marlins (2:1) = $25 (30 mins)
Sharks (4:1) = $22 (40 mins)
Why do you charge a prorated amount for lessons upon enrolment?
For your benefit and for scheduling purposes we cannot allow members to reserve spots without payment as our schedule is very full.

Class Changes

How do I change my day or time?
You may change by talking to our front desk staff. If your desired spot is not available, we will do our best to make the changes as soon as openings become available.
What is your make-up lesson policy?
Credits, make-ups and refunds are not given for missed lessons. Make-up lessons disrupt established classes, for lessons missed due to public holidays or pool closure the monthly fee will be reduced accordingly.
How do I withdraw my enrolment?
Withdrawal forms are available from the front desk and must be submitted to Puddle Ducks Swim Academy on or before the 15th of the month.
Should you withdraw without written notice, you will be charged an early withdrawal fee of $55 per swimmer.

General Questions

What are the benefits of year-round swim lessons? Isn’t it enough for my child to swim in the summer?
We advocate for year-round lessons at Puddle Ducks Swim Academy to promote skill acquisition and maintenance. Summer lessons are wonderful, but most kids will regress in their skill level and water confidence if they only take lessons for a few weeks out of each year. Swimming is a life-saving skill, and it’s also great exercise. Children who get year-round swimming lessons become water confident more quickly and retain their swimming skills longer.
What makes lessons at Puddle Ducks Swim Academy different?
Lessons at Puddle Ducks Swim Academy are unique for four main reasons:

1. Our teachers are professionals - Teaching swimming is our main job. Our full-time teachers have been teaching collectively for over 30 years. We’ve taught thousands of children to swim and are experts in building trusting relationships with kids in the pool. Your child will be in expert hands.

2. Our classes are small - We advocate private lessons because kids learn when they have 100% attention and our instructors work to maintain focus for the entire lesson. Group-based learning often requires children waiting their turn and they forget what skills they are working on during this time. We ensure our learning environment is safe and engaging.

3. We teach a unique curriculum based on the physical properties of buoyancy and propulsion - Kids in our program learn to swim with the correct technique from the beginning. Our program is based on skill mastery, not simply exposure. This allows for each individual child to progress at his or her own pace while enjoying the water.

4. Our pool is warm! - We keep our water temperatures between 30 and 32 degrees. Kids learn best when they’re comfortable, which is why we crank up the heat.
How long should my child stay in lessons?
Every child is different, and we cannot recommend a specific time frame, we are very flexible in working with each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses within each level and we are also constantly evaluating the students and making adjustments to help each child in the learn-to-swim process.

Level names are changed as soon as the children advance beyond the skills required for that class. Kids in our Shark class will hit the 400m milestone which ensures they have a reduced likelihood of drowning. Kids who learn to swim correctly also retain those skills into adulthood, where they can use swimming as a means to stay fit throughout their lifetime.
What should we bring?
Your child will need a snug swimsuit, goggles and a towel. We recommend swim caps for swimmers with long hair as this affects head position when learning to breathe. We prefer the swimmers not wear swim shirts, board shorts or scuba masks as they hinder progression. Upon registration you will receive a welcome pack containing goggles, a towel, a bag and a swim hat and you’ll also receive detailed instructions about what to bring on your first day.
What if my child cries?
Whether your child is apprehensive about their first lesson or has had a bad experience with the water before, we will be patient and empathetic to their feelings. Swimming lessons can be trying for both parent and child. It is never easy to see your child upset, however, there’s nothing we haven’t seen or experienced when it comes to kids in the pool. The best thing you can do as a parent is let our skilled instructors work with your child and be there with a big hug and lots of praise when your child is finished. We work to establish a safe, trusting relationship with each new swimmer we encounter, and we are very successful. The level of trust you extend to our teachers will allow your child to experience that same trust.
What does ‘double-nappy’ mean?
All children under the age of 3 need to double-nappy to prevent accidents in the pool. This means that children will wear a disposable swim nappy covered by a happy nappy. Happy Nappy’s have snug fitting elastic on the waist and legs, which aids in containment. We stock Happy Nappy’s and also carry disposable swim nappy’s for purchase.
Can I sit by the pool and watch my child?
We ask that parents stay in the observation area during lessons as access is narrow and we need to be able to move around the pool area freely for safety reasons. Children engage in their lessons more readily if they aren’t distracted by their parents in the pool area. If your child is nervous about their lesson, we ask you to be patient and let us work our magic. It can take time to develop a trusting bond between teacher and student, but we’ve never met a kid we couldn’t win over.
Can you guarantee my request for my favourite teacher?
Some of our students and many of our parents have become attached to their teachers. We know that different students respond to different teaching personalities and we will always try to accommodate these needs. We cannot guarantee a teacher and we will always reserve the right to change teachers if necessary, however when booking your lessons there will be an opportunity to request a particular teacher.

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