A Changing Paradigm of Learning

Teachers who have been teaching for decades, will tell you that children have changed.

The older method of Explanation, Demonstration, Practice, Feedback, repeat… has to be changed to teach effectively with today’s child.

Today’s child is visually oriented, with a secondary emphasis on trial and error. Where did they learn this? Their world is focused around televisions and computer screens. (not listening). This has made them “visual learners”. So you need to be a “visual teacher”.

Secondarily, computers and computer games have made them “trial and error” learners. So you need to be a “practice and repetitions” teacher.

My recommendations for a process for TODAY’S child, is…….    Demonstration, practice, Feedback, repeat….    with a very limited amount of “explanation”.

Very limited. Like phrases, rather than sentences. Make sure the “phrases” paint a clear and simple “picture”. It’s really John Wooden style of coaching. (if you don’t know who John Wooden is….it will make a great Google Search…you’ll learn a lot about teaching….)

Make sure you demonstrate correctly, the let them “try it”. And again. Lots of experiential learning.

“Talking AT” children is close to useless.

And some things do not change…..BOYS learn differently from girls…boys have to be MOVING to learn….some body part has to be in motion. They can’t “sit still”. They are NOT all ADHD, they are all BOYS, who are wired differently. Let them learn like boys.